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About us

CryptoStaffer is dedicated to promoting and aiding the application, innovation and education in Blockchain Technologies and Crypto Communities.

Our mission is to mediate and sometimes translate between those seeking to find work and companies that seek team members to succeed in this phenomenal growth industry itself.

Jona Bryndis and Jeff Casper, Co-Founders and Owners of CryptoStaffer bring in the Spirit and Experience in Business Staffing, Coaching, Consulting, and Event Management.


CryptoStaffer creates strong bonds between companies needing qualified, motivated candidates and the job seekers themselves.

For companies, we work to accurately define all openings so that we can seek out and deliver you exactly what you are are looking for in qualified personnel.



For job seekers, we take the time to listen to you, prepare you and aid you through the hiring process to find you the right fit and the right company.

We support young talents with international relations, student exchange and personal career mentoring.



Part of our Mission is promoting the Spirit and Ethos of Crypto Currency and Blockchain related Technologies.

In addition to Crypto Staffing we offer Public Speaker Brokering, Token Integrity Checks and Crypto Energy Reports.

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